Allow me to introduce myself, I am Michelle Peiret, a specialist in nutrigenomics, epigenetics and nutrigenomics with more than 15 years of dedication to the world of healthy eating. Throughout my journey, I have developed and tested my unique and effective approach, known as the "Michelle Peiret Method", on over 6,000 people.

My passion lies in understanding how our diet can be the root of most of our illnesses and ailments. Through personal conversations with my clients, we discovered together how an unbalanced diet can trigger various health problems.

For my theory it is essential to recognize that each of us carries a unique genetic predisposition towards certain health conditions, but previously it was stated that they could not be changed, something that has been denied because genetics can certainly precede us but it is absolutely modifiable, now the The problem is that aspects such as our upbringing, medication consumption, eating habits, supplementation, age and lifestyle are what truly directly influence our well-being. All of this exerts a significant influence on the functioning of our cells and organs.

It's time to explore how epigenetics, that fascinating interaction between our environment and our genes, Through this knowledge, we can better understand how our choices and lifestyle can positively impact our cells, promoting lasting and fulfilling well-being.

My focus is not only on the food we consume, but also on our daily habits and environment. I firmly believe in the intrinsic connection between our way of life and our overall health. The energy, vitality and well-being we seek can be found in harmony with our diet and lifestyle, without the need to resort to medications or invasive treatments.

My mission is to guide each individual towards a reconciliation with the basics: learning to listen to our body, understand our needs and adopt habits that promote a long and healthy life. I am constantly looking for a way to age optimally, enjoying each stage of life.

I am here to help you on this journey towards a full and healthy life. Together, we will explore how your food choices and lifestyle can transform your well-being into a lasting and enriching experience.

I remain at your disposal to chat and begin this path to health and vitality.

With respect and dedication,

Michelle Peiret

What are we going to do in the consultation?


I want you to know that this is a two-man job. Without your commitment and without my knowledge we will not reach the goal, so motivation and profit will be bidirectional.

What I do in consultation is evaluate and analyze how our individual genetic makeup contributes to the way we process what we eat and drink and how this can affect health outcomes that ultimately lead to the risk of chronic and degenerative diseases such as: obesity , inflammation, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, lupus, Parkinson's, vitiligo, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia among others.

I am going to teach you and demonstrate that the proper way to eat should be according to your age, blood type, and genetics.

The first thing we will do in consultation is to “reset” the body so that it eliminates toxins, and begins to recognize and nourish itself from vegetables, fruits, proteins, and grains. This will begin to alkalize.

Michelle, and then? I tell you that this “diet” has no expiration date, together we will change your lifestyle.

What can you do in this WEBSITE?

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